Secure File Transfer solutions are critical in today's B2B transactions

For over 35 years CTI has been the source for the World's most popular file secure transfer technologies including AS2, AS3, SFTP, HTTP, and HTTP/s and other secure file transfer protocols.

Our special secure data communications market revolves around the B2B (Business to Business) applications. For example, we market two different secure file transfer programs to support for example, Fiat-Chrysler suppliers with CTI's FastSync® EMTS SFTP software and CLEO's LexiCom® AS2 software (see links below).

Attention All Fiat-Chrysler Suppliers



2019 was the start of the supplier migration to the new IBM EMTS communications system announced in 2018 for handling EDI and Non-EDI file transmissions. Many suppliers have already taken advantage of this early migration.

Now, beginning January 13, 2020, the EMTS migration will startup for 2020. And, this includes both production and non-production suppliers for handling both EDI and Non-EDI transmissions.

CTI Communications urges you to call and schedule your company’s slot in the 2020 migration. The earlier the better. The new EMTS passwordless program is more time consuming than earlier, pre-EMTS system migrations. Give us your latest company information by filling out the <Contact Us> form and suggest a good time to begin this very important migration.


In late 2018, Fiat-Chrysler decided that the EBMX System, FTP file transfers, as well as all VANs will be replaced effective January 1, 2019 by a new system interface called EMTS. And, users of older EBMX, FTP and VANs will no longer be supported and will be decommissioned in preference to SFTP and AS2 protocols available over the internet. See links below. However, it appears that many current suppliers may not be immediately impacted by this stated action until all bugs have been eliminated from the totally new system. Nevertheless, all new suppliers are immediately affected and have to order the new EMTS file transfer interface. Suggestion to current EBMX users - do not wait too long to update your Fiat-Chrysler B2B transactions.
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