CLEO LexiCom(R)

The Cleo LexiCom software package lets trading partners securely transfer critical business documents to and from their widely distributed trading partners over the Internet, VANs, or other specialized TCP/IP networks. Users can transfer and receive everything from POs, invoices, and shipping notices to insurance claims, medical records, clinical data, retail reports, and more. Users can also schedule transmissions to occur automatically, at whatever intervals required.

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AS2 protocol (especially for Fiat-Chrysler's new EMTS interface - - available for PC, UNIX and AS/400 Platforms).

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2 protocol) helps users connect, deliver, validate and reply to data that trading partners move securely through the Internet. This protocol thereby establishes a standard point-to-point connection in B2B (Business to Business) document transactions. Stated another way, AS2 provides the means by which vendor applications communicate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) documents, or other data such as XML, over the Internet using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Further, AS2 defines a security system that wraps the data in an envelope with a digital certificate.

Works with the major trading community networks.

Uses proven IP protocols FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP and EDIINT AS2 allowing users to communicate with multiple trading partners.

Integration with the leading EDI software packages reduces operator-training time.

Pre-configuration offers quick set-up.

Operates on PCs, Unix and AS/400 computers

Built-in security protects proprietary transactions.

"100% Java" makes it platform independent.

Perpetual log file monitors and verifies all transmissions.

Are you a "Power" LexiCom User?

If you manage 10 or more trading partner connections within LexiCom, it's time to consider an upgrade to a server product called VersaLex Trader. This server-level product provides the robust reporting and management capabilities to handle larger volumes of data and trading partner connections.

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