FastSync trial instructions

Part 3 of 3: Transmission

Step 8: Send files to the Trial Server

FastSync has the following File Types:





OBT 2V/3R In/Out Gate

Modular Supplier (MS) EDI


All other inbound Non-EDI / Proprietary files

In the table below are shown the mailboxes for each File Type.

FastSync automatically creates the configuration shown in the table bellow for the FCA Destination Directories for each File Type.

File Types

To send files to the CTI Trial Server all files must be placed in the following directory:


The ROOT directory is where FastSync is located within your operating system.


OS X and Linux


And the Outbox directory will be:




Before sending the files placed in the ROOT/Outbox directory, the routing configuration needs to be completed.

FastSync has Filters to identify the File Types. The Filter uses 2 wild cards, * the asterisk and ? question mark.

The Asterisk * replaces "n" characters and the Question Mark ? replaces 1 character.

EDI Files:




The filter could be one of the followings:

8* Filters all files starting with 8

8*.txt filters all files starting with 8 and end with .txt

8*-*-F* filters all files starting with 8 and has a dash - and has another dash followed by the letter F

Step 9: Send files to the Trial Server

Deposit files of the File Type EDI in the Outbox directory.

Execute the SFTP

In the menu, click on Actions::Execute SFTP

Execute SFTP

In the Outbox section of the main screen, will appear two lines, one with the Status = Pending. It means that FastSync identified one file in the Outbox directory and the second line with the Status = Sent, meaning that the filters identified the File Type and according to the configuration the file will be uploaded to the correspinding FCA Directory destination.

Afer sending the file, it is moved from the Outbox directory to the Sent directory configured in Settings::Configuration menu.