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CTI Communications
Div. of Consul Tec, Inc.
PO Box 6027
Reading, PA 16910 USA
Tel: 201-563-7800

John Eilertsen
CTI Communications
Av. Vallarta 3233 H9 P.A.
Col. Vallarta Poniente
Guadalajara, Jalisco. México 44110
Tel: (33) 3368 7980

Jorge Elizalde

Company Background

In 1980, CTI was launched by John Eilertsen as a high-tech consulting firm that consulted with many Fortune companies (including Ford, GM, EDS and others) which later emerged as a computer systems oriented company. In 1984, the company began marketing remote data communication devices as a national distributor to support the paperless Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) movement and through it's VARs, captured approximately 90% of the automotive EDI supplier market.

In the early 1990s CTI moved into other market niches with its own high-speed software to support various companies (starting with General Motors suppliers) requiring high-speed CAD file transfers. In this same time frame, CTI entered into the synchronous electronic tax filing market established scores of VARs and captured more than 80% of the IRS tax filing market including all major Tax Application Software Houses and 55 key IRS locations within the United States. In 1994, CTI introduced its own multi protocol synchronous modem board to support market conditions.

In 1995, CTI introduced a unique low cost, but fully featured IP electronic mailbox system based upon the legacy IBM protocols to allow small and medium sized companies the same capabilities as larger companies with their own mainframe mailbox systems. In 1996, CTI introduced its FastSync® line of software with the capability of supporting synchronous transmissions through a PCs COM port without the need for special internal synchronous interface cards or modems.

In 1996 CTI also introduced a special FastSync TCP/IP extended E-mail mailbox system to support Internet Service Providers (ISPs), corporations, institutions and other such sites requiring fast and secure bulk and binary file transfers with extensive audit trails over the Internet, Intranet and Extranet infrastructures.

Since the early 1990s until today, CTI's various FastSync® software packages, hardware and services provide an integral part of communication networks serving a broad spectrum of business and industry including many Software Houses, Financial and Computer Services, Banking, Manufacturing, Education, Insurance, Automotive, Medical, Local, State and Federal Government Agencies <click for a partial list of customers>.

Most recently (2018-2019) CTI added another new FastSync® software product to support Fiat-Chrysler's effort for an even more secure method for transferring their EDI oriented documents to/from their corporate base. The new software called EMTS complies with special SFTP PASSWORDLESS specifications.