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The graphic below shows how the Mailbox system could be configured to operate using dial-up modems, although in today's IP technology the system would likely be configured to use the internet itself to move files into and out of the mailbox system.

Automation is another important feature that is part of the Mailbox System.  Any individual mailbox can be automated to perform incremental tasks.  Plus, you are provided a powerful Event Scheduler program as well as an ftpXfer program (an FTP utility allows FTP put and get operations to be performed from single command line - the single command line capability makes it useful in performing automated file transfers in unattended environments) that can completely automate functions throughout the enterprise that would otherwise have to be handled manually.  The extreme flexibility of the Event Scheduler combined with ftpXfer capabilities provides the capability to configure virtually any type of event to occur at virtually any time.   Here is one example of an Extranet using the Mailbox System in a dial-up environment. The preferred alternative today would be to use the Internet - which is free.

There are two Server Mailbox "'Post Office" versions:  

  • The standard TCP/IP (FTP) based Mailbox Server

  • Web Server both of which run upon NT based platform(s). 

There are three Client Mailbox models:

  • GUI based TCP/IP model supporting 32 bit Windows 95, 98 and NT Workstation users

  • Two browser interface models. 




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