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    CTI Communications is an Open VMS System Partner

Open VMS and other HP oriented communication products

We offer HP customers a lower-cost model versus competition.  Our objective is to provide high-tech solutions (even on older legacy products) at lower cost to bolster systems-management.  HP's OpenView provides the platform to replace traditional mainframe environments to deliver reliable and cost effect communications.

CTI Communications is your source for Cleo's 3780Plus® BSC software (using the SYNCcable+® interface).  The SYNCcable+ device  connects to a computer's TTY port and contains a small computer which supplies Sync-to-Async character translation.  This system does not require the use of an internal synchronous card/device to operate.
Where desired, the Cleo SYNCcable+ device can handle multiple incoming and outgoing data lines.  

Replacing your Mainframe 3745 system?  Here is a typical low-end configuration for a 4-port modem system (as shown in the above graphic) which includes:  Digi Card with external 4-port connect box with a 42" cable (connects between computer and Digi Card); Cleo SYNCcable with 3780 Software plus 2 additional SYNCcables without software.

CTI Communications and HP are Partners. The companies are working together to provide Open VMS and other HP legacy (SNA & Bi-Sync) communication links between the HP computers (plus older Compaq Alpha systems) and various mainframe computers and value-added networks. CTI products and services enable both large and small companies to move data files to and from host mainframe systems using dial-up and Internet connections. Additionally, CTI's communication products offer AS2, secure FTP and HTTP linkages along with conventional FTP and HTTP data transmissions.





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