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VersaLex™ Exchange (VLExchange) is a powerful eBusiness Community Management software platform that integrates and manages electronic business document processes internally and among trading communities. Business Process Management (BPM) and web services access provides a flexible, consolidated, and comprehensive view of ebusiness information flow to authorized users from anywhere in the world. The operations dashboard dynamically views, audits, and manages the secure transfer of business documents over the Internet, VANs, or other specialized TCP/IP networks.

Powered by OpenEC® and architected in Java™, VLExchange is certified eBusinessReady™ interoperable and runs on distributed or individual Windows, Unix, or Linux platforms. It integrates with existing enterprise systems and easily supports evolving protocol, connection, network, and applications requirements.

  • Easy to install, configure, operate, and manage

  • Secure, automatic operation behind the firewall

  • Certified, interoperable Internet communications

  • Integrates with EDI and legacy systems

  • Delivers flexible, integrated ebusiness processes

  • Cost effective, extensible, prompt ROI

  • Supports thousands of trading partners

  • Increases sales, turns, market share, accuracy, efficiency, and real-time supply chain visibility

  • Reduces communication charges, out of stocks, inventory, errors, disputes, maintenance


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