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3780Plus and SynCcable+  

Cleo 3780Plus is the world's leading 2780/3700 BSC RJE communications solution, with over 100,000 installations. It's used for EDI, electronic claims filing, electronic funds transfer, POS polling, and other batch transfer applications. Cleo 3780Plus works with a wider selection of computer and operating systems than any other 2780/3780 BSC RJE package. It also provides many more advanced features and capabilities. The Cleo 3780Plus runs consistently faster than any competitive product tested.

The Cleo 3780Plus is available with various high-speed internal modem boards and economical synchronous interface boards. It's also available with the unique SYNCcable+, an external processor that allows synchronous communications through your system's asynchronous ports.

Whatever hardware alternative you select, Cleo 3780Plus is easy to install and use. SYNCcable+ eliminates the need for an internal synchronous interface card, saving a slot in your computer.  You simply attach it to your system's asynchronous tty or COM port - or to your terminal server - then connect it to your synchronous modem or local system.  In minutes, you have a complete synchronous communications solution.

SYNCcable+ supports line speeds of up to 56Kbps synchronous and 115Kbps asynchronous, and is bus-independent.

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