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Important Notice from the Chrysler Electronic Business Support Desk

Action Required by June 30, 2008


From: ebusdesk@chrysler.com mailto:ebusdesk@chrysler.com

Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 11:35 AM

To: ebusdesk@chrysler.com

Subject: Chrysler EBMX HTTPS Mailbox Domain Name Change

Due to the sale of Chrysler in 2007, the EBMX HTTPS Mailbox system will have a mandatory domain name (host name) change. The new domain name will be as follows:

ebmx.extra.chrysler.com (Production)

ebmxdev.extra.chrysler.com (Development)

The rest of the URL will remain exactly the same. New certificates have been created and installed. The new domain names are production-ready and available to use now.

You should make the change in your system by June 30, 2008.

Please contact your local technical support or software provider to make the change.

In some rare instances, a trading partner may need to know the underlying IP addresses to theses domain names. They are available from ebusdesk@chrysler.com upon request.

Thank you,

The Electronic Business Support Desk

Contact CTI Communications for more information at 201-563-7800



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