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For nearly 35 years our company has been the major source for the World's most popular file transfer technologies including AS2, AS3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and HTTP/s protocols as well as the legacy 3780 BSC packages.  In addition, the company provides a wide range of general business consulting services.

Secure File Transfer solutions are critical in today's business to business transactions.  What is AS2? 

Our company markets two different EBMX programs to support Chrysler suppliers - CTI's EBMX software and CLEO's LexiCom software that includes EBMX for Chrysler, plus AS2 and AS3 and other CLEO packages.  The LexiCom software particularly popular and maximizes your host linkages (click to view some of the currently pre-configured Host linkages).


Some of our Industries /  Retailers / Suppliers


Wal-Mart AS2

Chrysler EBMX

Synchronous Modems

ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

Covisint (GM Suppliers)

Target, Marshall-Fields

SEARS of Canada

Products being Marketed

CTI's EBMX-HTTP/s for Chrysler

CLEO's LexiCom™ (with EBMX)

CTI's 3780 SyncPack2000

CLEO's 3780 SyncCable+

CLEO's VL Trader

CLEO's VL Exchange


Consulting Services

Click for a Partial Listing of our Customers




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